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Aren’t these crochet gloves adorable?

Download Crochet Gloves





This adorable skirt is from a 1950’s 4-H workbook. It is simple and adaptable!


Download Dirndl skirt now






Are you tired of sticking yourself with pins trying to get them out of the box, or having your pincushion across the room? This pattern is a nifty way to solve those problems.

Download Pincushion now


Sleeves for a Strapless Dress

image of a formerly strapless dress now with sleeves

Make sleeves for a strapless dress. This pattern comes in two PDF downloads, both front and back sleeves.

Side Seam Pocket

What woman does not want more pockets? Now you can add pockets to any skirt or dress that has a true waist seam with this simple pocket pattern.

Crossover Belt

Define your style with this Style Extender crossover belt and back bustle option. Designed to be used with #1310 BEATRICE, this mini pattern may be combined with any SEW CHIC dress pattern having a waistline seam, front bodice waistline darts or princess seams, and a left side closure. The belt is gathered at both ends and inserted into the front dart or seam, wrapping around the waist to cross at center back.  The 24.5” long bustle is also gathered into the waistline at center back and can be worn down or bustled. For convenience, a symbol and notch template for #LN1310 Beatrice is included.

Pioneer Bonnet

This is a traditional pioneer bonnet, with three brim styles. Enjoy this free pattern as a part of reenactment dress, theatrical garb or just fun in the country! Each brim style gives the wearer substantial protection from the sun and even rain if made with waterproof material.


Fur Muff

image of fur muff

Make a fashionable fur muff, the Sew Chic way! Keep warm and look your best with this lovely accessory.

Sleeping Mask

Get a good night’s sleep with this simple sleeping mask pattern. Dual headbands make this mask comfortable and secure to ensure peaceful slumber. Make with a silky fabric for optimum comfort.

Formal Tie

image of men's tie

Make this formal tie for a special guy in your life. Its classic style will accompany his formal attire in a handsome fashion.

Ladies Funnel Hat

This pattern is simple and chic, good for semi-casual and formal occasions. It can be made with customized embellishments and accessorizes well with many styles.

Hacky Sack

This fun toy is a great beginner project for boys!

Men’s Bath Wrap

Men's bath wrap

Whether at home, at a public shower, or playing on the beach, an adjustable wrap is useful any place water and the public will come together. Elastic back and Velcro closure ensures towel will stay in place.

      Baby Romper

Baby Romper

This adorable 1940’s style romper is suitable for babies 0-3 months. It can be made from both wovens or knits, has a button back and snap crotch. Embellish as desired for boys or girls.