Sew Chic Trunk STYLE Show

It’s SEW Chic! Modern Patterns with Vintage Style

When I come to your area, please invite me to speak to your group or in your store, and this class is FREE! Before the event, I provide you with flyers for easy advertising. On the day of the event, I bring all the materials, product, and enthusiasm, and all you need do is provide the space, seating, and area for product.

1 ½ hours, lecture and demonstration, all levels.

Description:  Say “Hello!” to glamorously chic sewing patterns that are stylish, flirty, classic, and retro all rolled into one! In this Sew Chic Patterns trunk style show, discover why the policies of a pattern company should matter to you, including sizing guidelines, fit criteria, and guide sheet techniques from Laura Nash, the smiling designer behind both the indie pattern company and special collections designs for Simplicity. Be entertained with stories and samples to learn about fabrics, techniques and style variations inspire your imagination. Products will be available for purchase. There is no charge for this class.

Lectures / Hands-On Classes

The following list are classes that have previously been taught online, at expos, at sewing conferences, retreats, and Seminars. My specialties are historic design and construction, modern fit, RTW sewing technique, and pattern making. Contact me for pricing and to arrange for a workshop with your group.

10 Steps to Success with Fit

3 hours (half size), 4 hours (full size), Lecture/Demo/hands on, all levels

$20 Kit Fee for full size base pattern with instructions for sewing and hand outs

$5 kit fee includes half size bodice pattern, ruler, and hand outs

Description:  Put an end to frustration and fumbling with endless measurements, adjustments, and muslins with this 10 step procedure that is organized to quickly get students from pattern to customized fit before cutting into fabric. With just a few measurements, learn how to select pattern size, choose and execute appropriate alterations, and check the fit. Together we will step through each procedure, practicing on a full or half size bodice patterns, customize for length, width, and other pattern adjustments. Learn to recognize the fundamentals and prove good fit at the tissue stage.  Organized to save time, money, and stress so fitting can be easy to understand with a method that is easy to duplicate.

Instructor may need an LCD Projector and Screen

Students will bring:

  • Gridded c-thru Ruler
  • Curved fashion ruler
  • Mechanical pencil
  • 1 yard of pattern paper
  • Scotch Magic matte Tape (can write on it)
  • Paper cutting scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Wear best supportive bra (no sports bras) and clothing to be measured in

Mastering the Zipper

4 hours, hands on, all levels

$20 Kit Fee includes 14 page instruction, fabrics and facings, and 3 zippers; 2 standard and 1 invisible

Description: Installing the perfect zipper is not an elusive dream! Learn the tool tips and hot tricks for achieving a 100% professional look with zippers closures simply by changing the “order of operations.” Discover how to easily and accurately match edges, horizontal seams, and sew perfect top stitching while eliminating special fusibles, hand stitching, and puckers.  In this class we will work through the 3 most essential methods: lapped, centered and invisible. Isn’t it time to start sewing zippers like a pro?

Instructor may need Sewing Machine with standard zipper, invisible, and walking foot.

Students will bring:

  • Sewing Machine with zipper foot, invisible zipper foot, and walking foot.
  • Gridded Ruler
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Chakoner (chalk wheel marker)
  • All Basic Sewing Supplies

Style Me Vintage!

2 hours

Lecture, hands on, all levels

No Kit Fee

Description: From Gibson Girl to Valley Girl, each era of the twentieth century favored a different silhouette and body type. In this quick time travel study of dress, we will discover the elements common to each era, what type of figure they favored, and how those features were used to create, transform, distract, embellish, enhance, and beautify. Discover your historical style of dress, and learn how to personally incorporate the elements into your modern day wardrobe to look your best whatever your figure type.

Instructor will need Overhead Projector or LCD Projector and Screen

Students will need:

  • pencil
  • pad of tracing paper
  • print out of full page size front view self-photo in form fitting clothing to show figure


Project Classes

Copy Your Figure

This is an example of the kind of mannequin you will need

2 days, 20 students maximum

Hands on seminar, moderate sewing experience recommended

$20 kit fee includes master pattern and hand outs

Description: Taking careful measurements and photos, each student will prepare, perfect, and sew a form fitting  dress form cover, a figure duplicate and “copy of your figure”.  Students will learn the techniques needed to properly pad out a low cost mannequin or dress form to achieve a tight fit, smooth lines, and transitions for an accurate shape from one area to another. We will learn how to measure and check the form for precision during the process, and complete the form with armhole covers, and important markings for design or fit.  Students go home with measurement chart, custom dress form, and pattern of their cover.

Students will need:

  • Quality 100% Linen yardage- DO NOT PRESHRINK! 1 ½ yards
  • A sturdy mannequin/dress form- smaller than your own figure measurements
  • measuring tape
  • clean spray bottle
  • 100% cotton batting
  • various rulers both curved and grid- C-thru
  • soutache braid
  • thread
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • disappearing fabric marker
  • dressmakers carbon- I prefer the waxed type
  • tracing wheel
  • dressmakers pins
  • hand sewing needles
  • sewing machine

NOTE: Mannequins may be included in the kit fee and purchased in bulk through a supplier and shipped to your area. Standard white linen fabric can also be included in the kit fee if preferred. Call to discuss details.

Lingerie the Vintage Way

1 day, 15 students. Hands on with sewing machines, moderate sewing experience required.  $40 kit fee includes pattern, fabrics and notions and handout.

Description: Vintage lingerie is loaded with lacy, feminine details! Learn how to choose and work with fabrics, incorporate laces, trims, rhinestones, and other findings. We’ll go step by step to make a slip or nightie (must choose 1 of 3 different style choices) with personalized cup size for an end result that fits like a dream. Choose from a variety of techniques for extraordinary details that will make your lingerie exceptional.

Students will need:

  • Basic sewing supplies, incl. thread
  • sewing machine
  • pattern paper
  • clear tape
  • grided ruler
  • double ball point needle
  • standard ball point needle

Designing the Pieced Skirt

You will make this skirt in this course.

2 days, Lecture, and hands on, suitable for beginners.

Kit Fee: $35 includes pattern, pattern paper, CD tutorial, and printable fabric

Description: Learn how to design a “pieced” skirt from digital fabrics you print yourself. Design one panel, or more, and use complimentary commercial fabrics to supplement the design idea. Day 1: Sketch out your pieced skirt, copy off skirt pattern and plan piece configuration. Pretreat and prepare fabrics. Digitally or hand design and print fabric panels as desired, cut any complimentary fabrics. Day 2: Begin piecing each panel as organized on day 1.  Learn how to “piece” out your pattern, keeping them organized for sewing. Sew and finish the skirt to perfection for a one of a kind work of art.

Instructor will need: LCD Projector and Screen

Students will need:

  • Section A:
    • Laptop,
    • color inkjet printer with full printer ink,
    • freezer paper,
    • iron,
    • scissors,
    • ruler,
    • standard printing paper,
    • 3- 3 3/8 yards of white 100% cotton muslin,
    • 3 yards of organza,
    • thread
  • Section B:
    • Basic sewing supplies
    • thread
    • pencil
    • pattern paper
    • curved and straight rulers.
    • If NOT including section A for instruction: 3 yards of 2 or 3 coordinating fabrics, thread to match


Design/Fit Classes

Part 1: Fitting the Vintage Bodice

4 hours with 6 students minimum, 8 hours with 12 student maximum

Hands on with sewing machines, some sewing experience recommended

$20 kit fee includes basic pattern and handouts

Description: Creating your own vintage style starts with a good fit. When the bodice fits, the rest will follow. In class we will learn how to accurately measure and choose a size, cut, sew and fit a basic bodice with four darts. Learn how to get the right fit for your figure, then accurately transfer changes to your pattern, and test the final fit. This basic bodice can be used to design or fit all other patterns. All participants will receive the full pattern, but we will be working with the bodice only, no sleeves.

Students will need:

  • 1 ½ yards of quality muslin fabric to recut/sew if needed
  • fabric marking pencil
  • mechanical pencil
  • seam ripper
  • tracing wheel
  • dressmakers carbon
  • highlighter
  • scissors
  • straight pins
  • measuring tape
  • scotch tape (magic tape is best)
  • clear C-thru ruler, with grid (like a quilting ruler)
  • transparent pattern paper
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine

Please wear a quality bra and snug thin t-shirt/tank top for fittings

Part 2: Designing the Vintage Bodice

3 hours, 20 student maximum

Hands on, some sewing experience needed

$5 kit fee includes half size patterns, half size tools, handouts

Description: Do you wish that vintage patterns were affordable, available, and came in your size? Create your own! Using ½ size practice patterns we’ll move step-by-step through the basics of flat patternmaking to move and manipulate darts, create new seams, add collars, facings, linings, yokes, necklines and more to get the vintage looks you love. If including Part 1, we will correct pattern with individual alterations first so that pattern can be enlarged 50% to be made and sewn with students individual and perfected fit. Handouts include easy skirt options. Full day students will complete one bodice sewn.

Instructor will need: Overhead projector

Students will need:

  • mechanical pencil
  • gridded ruler
  • clear tape
  • scissors
  • pattern paper