Consultations with Laura


Individualized Service on Request:

  • Fitting Appointments
  • Pattern Alterations
  • Sewing Education
  • 30 Minute Phone Call
  • 2 Emails, 3 Detailed Answers
  • 1 hour Zoom appointment
  • Sew Chic Patterns only please!


Get personal and private tutoring for your Sew Chic pattern from Laura via email, phone, or zoom. After purchase, we will reach out by email to schedule a mutually agreeable time to call, email, or zoom. Please make sure that you have offered an email that we can reach you with. Our messages are often sent to the spam or junk folders. Once the appointment is set up:

Ask me anything! Laura will call at the appointed time for a 30 minute conversation. A phone consultation alone should be used for general information only. However, a phone consultation with an email consultation together can be more useful for specific needs.

Reply with your questions, fitting photos, or sewing technique problem. Be specific and direct, providing all the information that could help Laura give you an accurate response. Expect a detailed answer for up to 3 questions/problem areas. A second email exchange is to provided should clarity be needed for you or Laura, but not required.
NOTE: You may also send a self initiated email to Laura through the “contact us” tab to open the conversation, but photos cannot be sent through this platform.

At your your private 1 hour Zoom appointment, expect at 2 camera set up 1) to talk with Laura directly where she can review with you about your garment fit, pattern alterations you might need, and address questions and 2) a table camera to work along with Laura as she shows you the steps to alter your specific pattern. Be prepared with paper, rulers, pencils, tape, measurements and so forth. A second person at your location could help with fitting as guided.

Additional information

by Appointment Only

Email Consultation, Phone Consultation, Zoom Consultation